The Bottom Line Investing Watchlist

A continuously updated list of stocks and startups we're watching at Bottom line Investing

The Bottom Line Investing Watchlist

This is a revolving list of the startups and stocks I’m actively watching and researching here at Bottom Line Investing.

Note: Because we’re still early in our own growth story here at BLI, I haven’t added coverage on the site for every company…yet. But rest assured we’ll continuously update the links below to help you more easily find the content you seek. These are not “buy” recommendations, nor should this list be taken as investing advice.

However, there is something each of the investable businesses below all have in common: They’re all relatively small when measured against their respective growth opportunities — though not always “small” or even inexpensive as measured by valuation or market cap.

At the right entry points — and therein lies our biggest challenge — I’m watching these companies because I believe they could have the potential to drive outsized returns for patient, long-term investors.

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