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We’ve cut our teeth researching stocks and managing real-money portfolios for some of the largest investing services in the world. We’ve syndicated thousands of articles on investing, business strategy, and personal finance.

And we’ve learned a thing or two about investing in great businesses along the way.

While life-changing gains can certainly be made by investing in businesses that have already gone public, even greater wealth can be generated for those businesses’ pre-IPO (or pre-exit) shareholders.

Our team has founded multiple startups worth millions, and has even attracted funding from Fortune 500 companies.

Right now there are hundreds of private companies raising capital on online funding platforms — and we’re here to help you cut through the noise with over 40 years of combined investment experience from retail to institutional investors.

Meet the Bottom Line Investing team

Sean O’Reilly

Sean O’Reilly

Sean O’Reilly is the co-founder and CEO of New Columbia Capital, where he oversees capital markets advisory and venture capital investments.

Sean previously served as the CMO and early investor of KingsCrowd, the equity crowdfunding market’s first and only ratings platform offering unparalleled insight and analysis to the rapidly growing online private markets.  

A graduate of Case Western Reserve University’s Weatherhead School of Management with a Concentration in Finance, Sean brings an entrepreneur’s enthusiasm to the capital needs of early-stage companies. 

A lifelong “Fool,” Sean spent four years at The Motley Fool, a financial news and advice company based in Alexandria, VA. There he cut his teeth as an investment analyst, podcast host, and marketer. 

Brian Mitchell

Brian Mitchell

Brian is the Managing Director at New Columbia Capital, bringing expertise as an innovator and former exited founder. He has a passion for increasing founder access to growth capital through VC partnerships and regulated equity crowdfunding.

In 2016, Brian created and launched Bright Greens Blenderless Smoothies. He raised over $4M in funding from investors, including Kelloggs, to expand the sustainable brand into 2200 grocery stores and a national e-commerce subscription business.

Brian’s success with Angels & Entrepreneurs (A&E), an online financial newsletter, led him to become a Senior Investment Manager at Republic.co and a VP of Business Development at NetCapital, two of the largest Equity Crowdfunding platforms in the US.