Tech Tuesday: 1 Must-Buy Cloud Storage Stock at a Discounted Price

This cloud-storage leader might just be your portfolio's next crown jewel.

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Dear Bottom Line Investor,

Cloud-based storage of digital assets is more important than ever. 

That’s why, for today’s Tech Tuesday edition of Bottom Line Investing, we’re highlighting Dropbox (DBX). 

Here’s why Dropbox is worth a closer look for savvy investors looking to boost their tech portfolio.

A Discounted Valuation

Dropbox's recent financial performance highlights its robust business model. 

  • DBX reported a 6% increase in revenue to $635 million for the fourth quarter, with net income reaching $227.3 million, or $0.66 per share. These figures surpassed analyst expectations. 

  • Additionally, despite a slight decline in subscriber numbers, Dropbox is poised to generate substantial free cash flow between $910 million to $950 million in 2024. 

To us, what makes Dropbox particularly appealing is its current trading at just 9.2 times its expected 2024 cash flow. Coupled with an aggressive share buyback strategy, this valuation underscores the company's commitment to shareholder value and its belief in long-term growth prospects as it seeks to reignite growth and expand its valuation multiples once again. 

Speaking of which…

DropBox Isn’t Dropping the Ball on AI

Dropbox's strategic pivot toward integrating artificial intelligence (AI) into its offerings marks a significant move to align with technological advancements and market trends. 

  • Last year, DropBox created a  $50 million AI-focused venture capital arm. 

  • In November 2023, it was announced that DropBox had partnered with none other than NVIDIA (NVDA) to enhance its AI-powered tool (including Dropbox Dash and Dropbox AI) to improve productivity and search capabilities for its users through advanced AI technology.

Put simply, Dropbox's core business remains solid and it’s using excess cash flows to invest in enhanced products and services powered by AI.

The Bottom Line

For those seeking a blend of value, innovation, and stability in the tech sector, Dropbox stands out as a solid choice amidst a frothy stock market. Its strategic pivots and market positioning, makes it an appealing option for long-term investors focused on tech. 

As Dropbox continues to evolve (we’ll be getting an Q1 financial update on May 9) it remains a compelling investment capable of delivering market-beating returns.

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