BLI Premium Report: Plei

Is the premier pickup soccer platform in the U.S. a fit for your portfolio?

Premium Report

Key Points

Market Leadership: Plei is the premier pickup soccer platform in the U.S., boasting projected revenue of $4.5M in 2023 — a significant leap from $1.7M in 2022 and $790k in 2021.

User Engagement: The Plei App has attracted over 180,000 soccer aficionados and has successfully organized 40,000+ matches as of August 2023, with 30,000 of those in 2023 alone.

Strategic Partnerships: Collaborations with over 130 sports venues across 15 cities have resulted in a revenue generation of over $3.3M for these facilities.

Global Ambitions: Plei has its sights set on international markets, with expansion plans slated for 2024.

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