BLI Premium Report: Coco Coders

A fast-growing recurring revenue generator that's near & dear to my heart? Yes please.

BLI Premium Report: Coco Coders

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Coding for Kids with Coco Coders: The Future of Education — and Your Next Investment Opportunity

Greetings, investor friends. Steve Symington here. 

In my previous professional life, I was a software engineer who utilized machine-learning algorithms and built neural networks before most of the world knew what they were. We had the privilege of using our code to do everything from analyzing massive planetary imagery directly from NASA to aiding in natural disaster recovery efforts, defending our country against terrorist threats, and even identifying well-hidden roadside bombs and unexploded ordnance in active war zones.

I would have never imagined that my novel interest in coding as a child could have been so impactful. And though I later found my true passion leveraging my knowledge as a software engineer and AI specialist in the investing world, I’ve argued for decades that our current education system strangely undervalues the importance of teaching children how to code.

You can imagine my delight, then, when I was introduced a few days ago to Elizabeth Tweedale, co-founder and previous CTO of GoSpace AI, and more recently the founding CEO of coding education platforms Cypher Coders and Coco Coders.

It so happens that Coco Coders is actively raising capital through a RegCF round on Wefunder as we speak. And I believe it’s as compelling a business as they come.

Put simply, Coco Coders has built a platform that teaches kids to code – something obviously near and dear to my heart.

After an excellent conversation with Mrs. Tweedale, and delving into Coco Coders' equity crowdfunding raise page, it's clear that this startup is not just another educational platform, but rather a visionary company that aims to redefine how children engage with technology and coding.

Let's break down why Coco Coders is a standout investment opportunity through the lens of our BLAST investing framework.

B - Big Impact: Empowering Future Innovators - Coco Coders is addressing a critical gap in the global education system by making coding accessible to children aged 6-14. With 92% of future jobs requiring digital skills and a significant skills gap already evident, Coco Coders’ mission is crucial. By fostering tech literacy, creativity, and problem-solving skills, Coco Coders ensures children are prepared to thrive in a digital future, making a significant, positive difference in society.

To be clear, Coco Coders insists it’s “not creating a world full of little computer scientists,” but rather “teaching the next generation tech literacy, creativity, and problem solving to ensure all children are future ready.”

L - Large Market: Seizing a Growing Opportunity - The global education market is expected to reach $10 trillion by 2030, with a substantial portion becoming increasingly privatized and digitized. Coco Coders targets this expansive market with a subscription-based model, offering live, teacher-led coding lessons. With a potential obtainable market size of $9.3 billion, based on a lifetime value (LTV) of $1,052 per child, its growth potential is enormous.

A - Adaptable Management: Visionary Leadership - Coco Coders founder and CEO Elizabeth Tweedale is a recognized leader in the tech industry, a self-professed serial entrepreneur, and has a history of successful ventures in the education world. The leadership team's extensive experience in EdTech and previous successful exits demonstrate a capacity for adaptability and innovation, crucial for navigating the ever-evolving educational landscape. I believe Coco Coders is poised for a favorable exit event within the next three to five years.

S - Sustainable Growth: A Model for Success - Coco Coders' approach to education, focusing on live, interactive lessons and a comprehensive curriculum, has already proven successful. With active subscriptions up 200% year-over-year and ARR already exceeding $500k, as well as a massive return on ad spend (for every $1 spent on ads, Coco Coders makes $9 in revenue), Coco Coders has laid a solid foundation for sustainable, profitable growth. Its focus on a large (yet specific) market segment – initially targeting parents of children in mid- to high-income households – ensures a clear path to profitability.

T - Transparent Operations: Building Trust — Transparency and trust are at the heart of Coco Coders' operations, as evidenced by their top rating in Computer Clubs on Trustpilot. Their commitment to excellence and accountability is clear through their public fundraising efforts, detailed financial statements, and investor communications.


  • Coco Coders is not just teaching coding; it’s preparing the next generation for a digital world by fostering tech literacy. In my view, the combination of its significant market opportunity, capable visionary leadership, and a proven track record of growth makes Coco Coders an attractive portfolio candidate.

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Coco Coders Investment Details

Coco Coders’ RegCF SAFE offering on Wefunder is set to close on April 28, 2024.

The company has already raised just under $750,000 this round (of its max goal of $1.235M) from 142 investors as of this writing.

Its minimum investment this round is $100 for a Future Equity Agreement (SAFE) that gives you the right to future shares in the company.

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To your Bottom Line,
Steve Symington